Nvr Nabilah

April, 16th 2018

Doulath Deco and Catering team is amazing alhamdulillah! Cik Su (catering) is nice, firm and knows what can and cannot be done, very experienced. When we had problems with our initial deco vendor, she offered to help and said “You shouldn’t be worrying, this is your majlis. Just relax”. That is what i needed to hear after a stressful time dealing with the initial deco vendor. Thank you for your assurance. Kak Ana (deco) is nice and also experienced. Our deco is just AMAZING and we are so in love with it. Everything is perfect, from the dais to the pengantin table to the guests table. Affordable and stunning! A lot of guests complimented the pelamin and the dishes and after the wedding, we lantak them too hehe. Both Cik Su and Kak Ana are two kind souls and we hope the best for the company and them! Thank you.

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